Chronic Care Management

Maintaining ongoing medical support through simply the best care

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Simply the Best Care

The care you need in the moments you need it.

Out team of qualified professionals helps you or your loved one with two or more chronic conditions get access to the care you need in-between visits the moment you need it. CCM is a new Medicare/Medicaid Program that changes how and when you receive treatment to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The program encourages your doctor, and their clinical team, to provide additional care to you in-between your visits to help you manage your most troublesome conditions, and to achieve your best health.

Regions We Service

Our Chronic Care Management services are offered throughout all the state of Utah from Logan to St. George.

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The Best Fit for You

What to expect after enrolling in CCM

As a participant in CCM you will be given extra attention from the Rocky Mountain Care Team month after month. Moving forward your Care Team will:
• Create and share a tailored Care Plan to help guide you on how to best manage your health in-between your visits.
• Send you 2 text messages per week as general check-ins to help you best manage your health and chronic conditions over time.
• Call you to discuss more sensitive health-related information such as lab results, medication schedules and compliance, etc.
• Function as a resource to you so that scheduling appointments, refills, or referrals is easy and stress free.
• Ensure you avoid unnecessary and costly hospital visits through ongoing care management and early intervention in times of need.

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Your Part

What does chronic care management require of you?

The CCM Program requires nothing from you other than your engagement and response. We will be taking the time to help you best manage your health in-between your visits, so your response and engagement is both required and appreciated.

Oftentimes patients find it most convenient to text instead of call for:

  • Scheduling appointments & requesting referrals
  • Symptom or health-related questions
  • Medication needs and refills

Please know that just like your medication, this program may have a small copay for some months. However, the prevention of one unnecessary hospital visit will save the average patients hundreds of dollars per prevented visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I no longer need the program?

If at any time you don’t find the program valuable, or worthwhile, just let us know! We will remove you from the program the moment you inform us that you no longer wish to participate in the CCM Program.

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