Our Mission

Rocky Mountain Care has provided care since 1990. As a member of your community, our mission is to deliver compassionate hospice, home care, and skilled nursing services to all those entrusted in our care. Through leadership and trust, we function as a cohesive team dedicated to cost effective, high-quality outcomes for our residents. We foster an environment of innovation and continual improvement by encouraging creativity and openness. We pledge to value one another through loyalty, respect and dignity. Integrity, fairness and kindness are an integral part in all of our business decisions.

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nurse comforting patient

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you remains constant. Your expectation for responsive service and competent care is our highest priority. We strongly believe that each of our patients are special and unique and deserve the highest respect and service possible. As a result, our quality of care and superior service set us apart from other hospice, skilled rehabilitation and nursing, and home health care facilities. Our specialized programs and care meet the needs of your loved ones and allow them to regain as much independence as possible.

Choosing a health care center for your loved one can be difficult. There are many options available and often not enough answers to tough questions. We at Rocky Mountain Care strive to keep your best interests at heart and to assist you in making the right choice for your loved one.

Charitable Care

The Rocky Mountain Care Foundation is committed to the goal of minimizing barriers that limit healthcare accessibility for individuals without financial or insurance resources.

The Foundation offers a charitable care program for patients who qualify for assistance. If funds are available, the Foundation may subsidize the cost of services provided by a healthcare entity in full or at a discount, for underinsured patients with limited financial resources. Financial eligibility is determined by family size, income percentages in relation to the Federal Poverty Guidelines and extenuating circumstances.

Healthcare services may include procedures, medications and/or equipment determined to be valuable and/or necessary to meet a patient’s medical needs.

We have purchased eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aids, grab bars, shower chairs, paid for hospice care, home care, co-payments, deductibles, prescriptions – whatever it takes for those in need to have their essential and imminent healthcare needs met.

Facility Management Services

With years of experience in the industry our team has built an unparalleled combination of systems, processes, and technology to effectively run any size Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facility. Everything from staffing to billing is handled through our team of industry experts. If you are in need of assistance or looking for someone to manage your facility, contact us for a consultation.